Menu Catch-Up July 2010

How easily the world can tilt off it's axis and mess up my perfectly laid plans!! We DID NOT get to go to the lake over 4th of July weekend because Jayme landed in the hospital Friday night. What we thought was the same fever our kids were passing to each other turned out to be appendicitis. He got out of the hospital on Monday but they have not removed his appendix yet. I posted the whole story over on the family blog For now I will say that we have eaten hospital food and not much else since I last posted as neither of us has had much appetite. BUT! The boys are coming home today and I am making Shredded Beef Au Jus in the crockpot with pasta salad and I plan to grab a couple ears of corn from the garden too. I am even making a peach pie! I will have to blog some of that for sure. Tomorrow I will FINALLY make the "Stupid Chicken" and then Friday I hope to resume life as usual. Thanks for your patience :)

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