Menu Monday 11/26/2012

Alrighty then! Let's see if we can stick tot he plan this week, shall we?

Monday-- Kobayashi Maru with pork
Tuesday-- Mexican Chicken Lasagna
Wednesday-- Pizza (either frozen or Papa John's)
Thursday-- Tilapia Tacos
Friday-- Beef Stew
Saturday-- Chicken Strips with Mac & Cheese
Sunday-- Italian Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes **I need to get the recipe from my mom and then I will post it. It is super good!!


Menu Monday 11/5/2012

Can you believe it? I'm posting something on my blog!! I am hoping that I can get back into the groove here but it has been pretty slow going. We'll see if this week's menu kick-starts anything, even though it is a short menu with not all the days filled out :)

Monday--Grilled Cheese with Cheesy Potato Soup
Tuesday--Pork cutlets with sweet potatoes
Wednesday--Pumpkin Pancakes with maple sausage
Thursday--Chicken with rice and gravy