Menu Monday 2/11 - 2/17/2013

Well, I am doing pretty well with sticking to the menu lately! At least with sticking to the meals I have prepped for. I may shift the days around a bit during the week though. Last week's challenge recipe was pretty tasty and I will post it soon. I still haven't posted the one from the week before either-- oops! Here's what we have this week:

Monday-- Kobayashi Maru
Tuesday-- Raley's Open House so something quick, probably hot dogs
Wednesday-- Chicken Strips and mac & cheese
Thursday-- Valentine's Day! I'm making Italian Meatloaf (we went out to eat on Friday to my favorite place as an early Valentine's Day date)
Friday-- Leftovers/order pizza/out somewhere
Saturday-- Hamburger Noodle Casserole *This week's challenge recipe
Sunday-- Jayme will be gone starting today for two weeks so the kids and I will probably grab something fun or hit the store to stock up on things Daddy doesn't like :)

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