Menu 2/11 - 2/16/2012

Well, I was all excited because we were finally returning to health around here and then...I started coughing again and my throat hurts. Raley started running fever and his throat hurts. So we will see how much of this actually gets made this week! Also, I STILL haven't made the Chicken Ranch Tacos. *sigh* Maybe tonight will be the night!
Saturday-- Frozen pizza (don't judge me!)
Sunday-- I had planned Chicken Spaghetti but now I am not sure. We may stick to leftovers from Friday
Monday-- Chicken Ranch Tacos
Tuesday-- Lasagna Soup
Wednesday-- Breakfast
Thursday-- Chimichurri Casserole
Next week starts our new adventure. Not sure how it will affect the meal planning yet, after all, the kids and I still have to eat. But we won't need so many leftovers and some of Daddy's lesser favorites will appear more often during the times that he is gone. I may get a little lazy but hopefully knowing I will need to keep blogging will help me out of any slumps! Hang in there with me, please?

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