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Hey there! I am still here, I promise! We have had a big turn in our personal lives here in Chaosville and it has fiddled with my cooking and posting! My husband recently left his job with Target after seven years and has started working for a company based in Houston (which is four hours from here). I say based in Houston because he is currently working a job for them in New Mexico (which is 500 miles from here). With him not being home, cooking isn't as big a deal as the kids most often request tacos, pizza, ramen noodles or mac & cheese when I ask them to contribute to menu planning. *sigh* This first week I am inclined to humor them so we have had Chimichurri Casserole (twice thanks to leftovers), Tuna salad sandwiches (Raley and I)/quesadillas (Clay)/spaghettios (Pattie), and tonight we are having (Clay requested) French Toast and there are tacos on the menu for Friday night.
This weekend I am sitting them down with cookbooks and recipes and we will each pick out a meal and hopefully one or two will be something new I can blog! I have been chronicling an adventure with Amish Friendship bread and after I bake on Saturday I should be able to post the standard recipe plus a variation (or possibly two variations, we will see) so stay tuned for that.

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