Chicken Ranch Tacos

One of our meals from last week was Chicken Ranch Tacos. This was a new recipe for us but since starting this blog I am trying more new stuff. So much so that Raley asked me the other day, "So, Mommy, how come you're so interested in cooking all of a sudden?" After suppressing the urge to smack his bottom laughing for a minute, I said, "I have always been interested in cooking sweetie...have you seen all my cookbooks??" The little smart ass darling has a point though. I have had all these cookbooks for a long time but I tend to stick with our favorite stuff. Starting this blog has helped me branch out some. I still try to stick with things I am pretty sure will go over well here in Chaosville, but once in a while I will throw something new at them and keep the PB&J at the ready.
I changed a few things about this recipe to make it more friendly for our house. What follows is the recipe I made. You can see the original recipe by clicking the link in the first sentence.

Chicken Ranch Tacos (Chaos friendly)

1 pkg flour tortillas
Boneless skinless thigh strips
1 pkg Taco Seasoning mix
Ranch dressing
Shredded lettuce
Shredded cheese
Chopped tomatoes
Picante sauce
Sour cream

1. Cut thigh strips into bite size pieces and cook in skillet until done. Add seasoning packet and however much water the packet calls for. Cook for another minute or two to reduce the sauce.
2. Heat tortillas in microwave and assemble toppings.
3.Put about 2 heaping tablespoons of chicken on a tortilla and top with your choice of veggies/cheese. Top it off with Ranch dressing.

I used the Ranch as a topping instead of putting it in the sauce because Jayme  is crazy and doesn't like Ranch. I also cooked the chicken I had on hand instead of buying a rotisserie chicken because...well, I had it on hand so it didn't cost me anything extra! After dinner Jayme came over to me and said, "Whatever you did tonight, next time I want you to fix twice as much and invite someone over because that should be shared!" In Jayme-speak that was high praise meaning not only did he like it, he liked it enough to put it on our "company" list.

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