Flatbread Tacos

Every week when I plan out the menu I ask the guys if there is anything specific they are hungry for. I can almost guarantee that the first one to answer will say, "TACOS!!" For this reason we have several different taco varieties in our rotation. We have regular tacos, soft tacos, chicken tacos, deer meat tacos, double decker tacos and now we have this new recipe, Flatbread Tacos. What you need is a can of large biscuits such as these:
And it always helps to have someone supervise you while you work:

So anyway, you take the biscuits out of the tube and lay one between two sheets of wax paper like so:

Then you roll it out until it is about 6 inches across:

Lay the biscuit round on a griddle or small skillet (no oil needed) over medium heat and cook for 30-60 seconds on each side until golden brown:

Then you pile on all the taco toppings you love and chow down. It was very easy and really good. A nice change from plain tortillas. It was a lot like a gordita actually.

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