The Plans

I am quite certain that merely typing this out will cause some form of catastrophe to befall my house assuring that NONE of it will get done and I will be shamefully bereft of gifts to give our friends, neighbors and family members. But in order to make some attempt at accountability, I have to put it down somewhere. We'll just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!
SO! The idea this year is to make an assortment of little loaves to give instead of a variety of cookies like in previous years. I got this cute little pan that makes 4 mini loaves at a time and I am going to break it in! I am planning to make two tried and true recipes and two brand new ones:
Cranberry Orange loaves
Pumpkin Quick Bread with pecan topping
Double Chocolate Loaf from Cookin' Canuck
Bourbon Pecan Bread from the cookbook that came with the little loaf pan.
After those are done, If I am still standing, I want to make the Peanut Butter Dog Treats from last year and some dipped pretzel rods. I'll probably mix up a big batch of Mocha Cappuccino Mix too. Last but not least I want to FINALLY get around to trying the Coffee Toffee Chex Mix recipe I have been sitting on since last Christmas. I have all the ingredients for it so let's hope it gets made!
I made a list of how much of every ingredients I would need to make three batches of each bread and bought all I could find of what I needed today. Now to clean the kitchen and organize it and set it up for a day of baking all I can tomorrow. Hopefully I will have everything done by Thursday so I can mail it out to those who live afar and it will be fresh when they get it.
If I need to bake more I will have the 26th to do it. I will for sure be baking some Amish friendship bread that day since my starter will be ready. I have a couple extra starters too so maybe I'll have enough to make a few loaves to take with us to Houston.
Typing all this out hasn't killed me so I think I can get it all done. Oh, man, did I just jinx myself?? *sigh*

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