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Hello, there! Remember me? I used to cook here from time to time...I know, I know, it's been a coon's age but I promise we are all still healthy and alive and no tragedies have befallen us that would make a valid excuse for my long absence from the food blog. I've posted a few things to the family blog though; that has to count for something! Anything? I can see you are not in the most forgiving of moods right now so I will just keep rambling on until you forgive me or laugh becuase we all know you can't laugh when you're mad!
Let's see...How about if I tell you some of the things we have eaten lately? Would that be cool?
Monday we had Tuna Patties
Tuesday we had Beef Taco Skillet
Wenesday we had breakfast for dinner with some of our lovely yard eggs.
Tonight we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day by having Cheesy Potato Soup and Irish Soda Bread.
Last week was Spring Break and we went on a monster trip all over the Texas Hill Country. We ate mostly camping food but there was one dinner at some friends when we ate this:
AND!! We got some meat from a cow that Mom and Daddy had butchered. What deliciousness! So, here is my usual promise: This weekend I am going to scour my cookbooks and look for new things to make and share with you. Part of the problem is that I have started making so many new things that we love that I don't look for new stuff any more. I need to just try for one new thing a week or something like that. ANyhoo, the first will have to be the Irish Soda Bread I am making today because I thought I had blogged it but I haven't. In the meantime you can click here to get it from the blog I got it from. Easy and delish, I promise.

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