My Major Award!!

A little over a week ago, I was checking out one of my favorite food blogs, Strawberry Cake, and she had a giveaway post. All you had to do to enter was leave a comment about what you like to bake for your family. The prize was a cookie tin from Nestle Tollhouse with some freebie coupons inside. I wrote my comment and went about my normal stuff. A couple days later, I saw this! I won!!!!! I sent a reply e-mail to Shiela and waited none-too-patiently. I didn't have to wait very long though. Friday when I got home from school it was here :)
Even the box was bursting with excitement!
Why, there could be anything in there!
What is it? What is it?
TA-DA! *shake shake shake* There's something inside!
SCORE! Coupons for free cookies!!
I just happened to have some delicious Blondies on hand!
Pattie was excited too!
Those oh-so-pinchable cheeks!!
Thanks so much Shiela!! I can't wait to refill it over and over again with yummy treats whenever I Bake Some Love!

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  1. What a great thing to win. I can see why it brought such sweet smiles along with it!!


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