Menu 1/20 - 1/26/2012

So my menus lately have a LOT of repeats since I am not doing the best job lately with fixing what I planned! Then there is all the "forgetting" ingredients I have been plagued by recently. I sure hope this week starts a new trend!! Please also forgive this being a couple days late in posting, I totally forgot about it until adding my menu to This Week For Dinner today.
Friday– We finally had the Kobayashi Maru with pork So good!!!
Saturday– We had Raley Gravy
Sunday–Hubby will be gone so kids and I will probably have leftovers or hot dogs
Monday– Chicken & Gnocchi Soup that has been planned FOREVER!
Tuesday– Salmon and Mac
Wednesday– Beef Taco Skillet
Thursday– Chicken Ranch Tacos But since that would mean two Mexican style dishes in a row I foresee a change in the line-up…..sigh

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