Kitchen Must-Haves

A while back on my regular blog I did a post about "new" things I had tried and had become must-haves for me. Since starting this blog I have tried to keep a list of the things I I don't like to run out of so I could post something similar here. Today is the day!! I'm sure I'll think of a million things after I click on Publish Post, but I can always do another one another day. For now I want to introduce you to these lovelies (if you haven't met them already):

Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour
You may be lucky enough to find this in your local grocery store but not in this size. My mom buys it at her local HEB store in the Houston area. If you can't find it in your store you can buy it online. I think the price is very good for what you get. I use this in place of regular flour or breadcrumbs when I am baking or frying meat and when I make gravy. You could also use it on fried veggies. Hodgson Mill also carries a full line of gluten-free and whole wheat flour, baking mixes and pastas.

Fresh Express 50/50 Mix Bagged Salad
I usually buy a bag of baby spinach and mix it in with either a bag of spring mix or some red leaf or green leaf lettuce. This makes it easy! The spring mix and the spinach are mixed together for me. Since we really enjoy fresh spinach salads, I will still buy a bag of baby spinach to add in as this mix gets eaten.

Rubbermaid Produce Keepers
The main problem I used to have with bagged salads is that if I bought enough to last us through the week, they would go bad before we could finished them. Problem solved by these beauties! They come in various sizes and so far we haven't had to throw out anything, so they are actually paying for themselves.

Del Monte Citrus Salad
This one was in the other post but it bears repeating. This stuff is like crack! I have to force myself to save the rest for another day. I have also found a great use for the glass bottles once the salad is gone. I have two of them in my freezer right now, filled with a lovely beef broth from a meal I made in my crockpot.

Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning
Available at almost any grocery store I have ever been to and it comes in both a smaller size and a hotter variety called "More Spice" if you like it hot. We have a set of salt shakers that we fill with this to stay out on the table at meal times. To keep the regular and more spice version seperate we put a rooster sticker on the more spice and a hen on the regular. I love to hear the kids ask for the "Chicken Spicy."
Cavender's Greek Seasoning
Available only in Arkansas I believe (we got it in a gift basket from Little Rock) but you can order it in the mail by visiting the website and printing off the order form.
Pampered Chef Chipotle Rub
Avaiable from any Pampered Chef consultant. Don't have one? You can borrow mine, my sister-in-law, Faith Sims.

Parchment Paper
No picture this time, I am sure you know what it is and what it does. I like to open the roll, and cut it into pieces that will fit my cookie sheets to be ready at a moment's notice. The best part about this discovery was when I was baking at Christmas. I was able to slide one set off the cookie sheet onto the cooling rack, slap another sheet on and go!

So, do you have any kitchen must-haves? If so, leave me a comment about them and I will definitely try them out!!

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