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When Jayme and I first got married (almost 13 years ago) we were still in college and so we had NO money. Our school was about an hour from my parents and we saw them every other weekend or so. My mom had a lot of chickens back then and she had more eggs than they could possibly eat so every time we saw them, my parents gave us a flat of 5 dozen eggs. We ate a lot of eggs! We ate them fried or scrambled or in another recipe but mostly, we ate them boiled. We had gotten an egg cooker for a wedding gift and it was the greatest thing ever. We used that one until it died and have had several more in the years since, using each one until it no longer worked then hurriedly looking for another. Our most recent one is an Oster and it's still humming right along. You can poach/scramble up to 4 or boil up to 7 eggs at a time in it. It's very easy to use and clean, here's how it works:

Set up your cooker in a spot where escaping steam won't harm any other surface (trust me on this one...long story!).

Remove the poaching tray.

Fill the reservoir to the appropriate line with water. Filtered water is best for the life of your cooker. (You don't have to use a Snow White cup)

Put the boiling tray back in and place eggs in. Pierce the bottom of each egg with the small pin in the center of the tray, then place egg (bottom side down) in one of the openings.

Put on the lid and press the on button. This cooker takes about 10 minutes to cook. It doesn't have a buzzer but if you are nearby you can hear a loud click when it's done.

If possible, after the cooker finishes, place the eggs in a bowl (I use the lid of the cooker) and run them under cold water to stop the cooking process. This helps them peel easier, without portions of the egg sticking to the shell. Then you have boiled eggs to use for salads, snacks, or other recipes. Come back later this week for a breakfast dish using these eggs!

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