Why Not HEB?

A couple weeks ago I did a post about dropping into an Aldi store for a few things I needed, instead of going to Walmart, where I usually shop. I got a lot of comments and questions about it and one pretty common question was, "Why don't you shop at HEB? It's so much better than Walmart!" I agree that it is much better! But I have a very good and pretty simple explanation for why I stick to Walmart. I overspend at HEB!! today was a perfect example. Here are the items I had written on my list:

According to my grocery list app, I would have paid $28.63 for them at Walmart. At HEB, I ended up paying $25.26 (I had a large box of Kcups on my list for $10.98 but HEB doesn't sell that size so I had to get the smaller box for $6.99). Almost every item was the same price or just pennies away at each store. I also bought a few things that were not on my list:

The cinnamon rolls will be a nice breakfast treat for Raley on his birthday this weekend. I keep forgetting to buy a sink stopper and there was a "buy 2, get 1 free" coupon on the Kcups. The other item is flea prevention for Ginny, which alone was $25.00. Added items total: $47.05. Then the big additions:

This particular HEB has a particularly good beer selection. This is the big reason why I can't shop there more than once every couple weeks or so. Because I only had $28 worth of stuff on my list, and my total spent was $106.36. I am sure that if I shopped there enough, the novelty would wear off and I would control myself. I just think I would bankrupt myself before that point hits! Believe me, it takes an incredible amount of willpower for me not to go there every time I need a few things. I am actually pretty proud of myself that I can resist the urge!
Now if you will excuse me, I have to try and figure out how to feed my family from the freezer and pantry staples next week so I can stay within budget ;)

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