Frito Salad

Just in time for summer! I had forgotten all about this yummy and easy dish until I was looking for something to take to my brother-in-law's house to have with burgers. I got the recipe from my former neighbor, Misty, so if you love it, thank her!!
The Ingredients:

2 cans corn (I prefer to use 3 cans of Summer Crisp sweet corn, just a personal preference, you use whatever brand you like. I use 3 cans because they are smaller)
1/2 cup diced green pepper
1/4 of a purple onion (this one was small so I used 1/2 of it)
1 cup grated cheese
Miracle Whip to desired consistency
1 bag Chili Cheese Fritos corn chips

All measurements are a starting place. As you add things together, look at the colors. If you want more green, add more bell pepper. More purple? Add some onion. I would recommend some variety of cheddar-type cheese. I used Colby-Jack as it is my favorite but I have used sharp or mild cheddar in the past. You MUST use Chili Cheese Fritos though, even if you don't like them by themselves (I do not) they are a must for the recipe.
Drain the corn and put in a large bowl. Add the diced veggies and cheese. Mix thoroughly.

Start adding Miracle Whip and stirring. When it looks right, taste it, see if you need a little more.

It is perfect if you have time to put this in the fridge and let the flavors come together. Don't add the Fritos until right before you serve it, or they will get soggy.

Try to remember to take pictures before digging in, Fran!!!
It is a really tasty, crisp and refreshing salad that goes perfectly with burgers or BBQ or anything else you might have at your next picnic or family gathering. I hope you like it!

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