Guacamole a la Wendy

Welcome back, challenge recipes!! I know this is kind of lame to call guacamole a challenge recipe but I have honestly never tried to make it before so it was a challenge for me! My sister-in-law made some at Easter and I got a huge craving for it last weekend so I asked her how she does it. She wrote me a list and I threw this together. I am not so great at picking out avocados evidently because the first ones I grabbed were too hard so I had to go back for others. First, I googled how to pick good, ripes ones and I found a tip about how to tell if they are too ripe. At the stem end, take off the last little stem button. If it is kind of green there, it is a good one. If that part has turned dry and brown, the inside is too far gone. You're welcome!
Now guacamole is very easy to throw together in any case but Wendy's trick is using fresh salsa from your grocer's deli/produce section. You could use fresh pico de gallo too. Here's what I picked up at my store:

3 - 4 ripe avocados
1 - 2 limes
garlic salt
fresh salsa or pic de gallo
Cholula (or your favorite brand) hot sauce

Then I had to go back for more avocados and went straight to a party where I actually made the guac and forgot to take any pictures. but really, it is so easy. I ended up using three avocados. Split, pit and mash them all up together. Then add the salsa by spoonfuls and stir until it looks right. Squeeze in the juice of one of the limes, sprinkle in the garlic salt and Cholula. Give it a taste, enlist others to help. Add more of whatever you think it needs. I added more garlic salt a couple times, then it was perfection. Open up the chips and get some while you can because it will not last long!

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