#200!! And A Challenge....

Well, here we are at post #200! This is pretty cool! I have been thinking about how I would celebrate my 200th post here and I have come up with this idea that will also help me get back to blogging and trying new things. I have challenged myself to make a new recipe every week! I have so many cookbooks and recipes I have cut out of here or printed from there and I need to MAKE some of them! First up for this week is one I just cut out of the newest Taste of Home magazine. It's for Swedish Meatballs which I have been craving as of late. It may have to do with the fact that ever since we moved here, 5 months ago, I have been wanting to go to Ikea but haven't yet found the time :( After we have them, if they are a hit I will post the recipe. Until then, here is my belated menu post for the week:

Monday: Hot dogs (don't judge me!)
Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas *we had the plague run through the house last week and didn't get to several meals
Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs
Thursday: Roast
Friday: Salmon Patties
Saturday: Soup and Grilled Cheese
Sunday: Leftovers or out (if I am lucky)

I sure hope my challenge goes well, and I hope I keep up with it. Mostly, I hope you all keep coming back to motivate me :)

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