Menu 2/26 - 3/4--2010

Here is our menu for the coming week. Nothing fancy, but I am trying out a couple new recipes from Taste of Home's 2010 Annual Recipes cookbook that I just got the other day. If they go well, I will feature them in a recipe post. I am enjoying this blog so far but it feels a little weird to type the word "recipe" so many times!

Friday-Hamburger Helper 4 Cheese Lasagna...What can I say?..we love it!
Saturday-Chicken and Stove Top Casserole (I leave out the veggies and serve with salad instead)
Sunday-"Catch as Catch Can" night...a throwback to my childhood where you kind of scrounge around and decide what you want on your own. Everybody eats something different
Monday-Tamale Pie
Tuesday-Chicken Alphabet Soup
Thursday-Stuffed Shells

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