Feeding the Chaos

Welcome to my new recipe blog! I have always enjoyed reading recipes and trying them out. I have found myself asking for a lot of my Facebook friend’s recipes when they post what they are making for dinner and I have been asked for some of mine as well. I have a lot of cookbooks and while I go through them and mark the recipes I would like to try, I usually just stick to the ones I know we will like.
We have some food issues in our house but nothing major. No allergies to be watchful for, just a few taste preferences to consider. Jayme likes a lot of spice in his food and I can’t eat anything much hotter than mild picante sauce. Raley seems to have inherited this love of spicy foods so I make sure to keep a jar of jalapenos on hand at all times. They can put them on whatever they want to, just as long as they brush their teeth before giving me a kiss (especially Jayme!) The kids, being kids, have foods they will not eat. Most surprisingly: Clay doesn’t like mashed potatoes, Raley won’t eat beans, and neither one of them likes corn. Imagine that…a kid…who doesn’t like CORN of all things! Most kids live on corn for at least a year, don’t they? I guess since it isn’t the best food for you, I shouldn’t mind so much but some of my favorite recipes have corn in them so it makes those meals happen far less often than I would like them to. Since Pattie is only 2 ½ she basically lives on hot dogs, bacon, eggs, and milk. She is however a pretty good eater most of the time. She will eat almost anything you put in front of her if you promise her a piece of bacon afterwards.
I plan to post at least once a week with our family menu (more than likely on Friday when I create the menu), and at least one other day a week with a recipe from our favorites. Some recipe posts will simply be a link to the website where I found the recipe myself while others will be a photo blog (a la The Pioneer Woman). Occasionally I will tell you about a new product I have fallen in love with or something I have found I cannot live without. I can guarantee you that the recipes I post will be easy, fun, fast, and family friendly. There will be nothing fancy-shmancy or complicated at all. In fact, if it can’t be cooked with a 6 year old “helping” or a 2 ½ year old hanging on your leg (if you’re lucky and being held in one arm if you’re not) then you won’t find it here period. We are, after all, Feeding the Chaos.

PS--If you found this blog first, come on over to Embracing the Chaos for our day to day life blog!

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