Problem Solved!

About a week ago I was complaining on my Facebook status about baking soda containers. I can't figure out why  they don't seal back up. I understand the ones where you tear the cardboard sides then put them in the fridge or freezer for odor absorption. But I use a lot of baking soda in my BAKING and I am always worried that it isn't good or fresh as the box gets emptier. Occasionally I have used the rest in a box for cleaning and bought a new one for baking. Then there are the lovely times when the nearly full, but not sealed box falls out of the cupboard and spills all over the counter and the floor. Goo times!!
Anyhoo, just after posting, I was putting away some clean dishes. Among them were some half pint mason jars that I had used for peach jam at Christmas. They are the kind of squatty, pretty ones and I had the idea to put salt and pepper in them and keep them by the stove for adding seasoning to recipes!

They have a nice wide mouth so I can either use a measuring spoon or my fingers to pinch out what I need.

Well, last week I was at Target and perusing the kitchen gadgetry when I spied some pint-sized short squatty jars. A single sunbeam shined down from heaven and a lightbulb went on above my head. I bought them and came home and did this:

Now my cocoa powder and my baking soda have a lovely little jar to call home until I add them to something delicious. Next step is to get some of these awesome chalkboard labels and write the name of what is stored inside. I have two jars left, I wonder what I can put in them.....

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