New Beer Wednesday 5/23/2012

Last night was a rough one! I had spent the bulk of the morning at the laundromat. My washer decided it had given me all it could over the last 11 years and it stopped working. I had a friend's husband come look at it (he is a certified repairman) and he diagnosed it as the transmission and said he could fix it for about $350. So sorry people who are buying the house! I know I told you I would leave it and I still will if you want to pay him that to fix it but it didn't cost much more than that when I bought it so....I'm not paying that much to fix it for you. Sorry :(
In any case, I still have three children and myself to wash for. Jayme has most of his clothes at his parents house so he washes them himself there. Luckily the laundromat is close by and I haven't had any trouble yet by OMG it is boring and hot and EXPENSIVE!!! I could keep going on but all this was just to say that after I was done there I went to the beer store to find something new to try.
I came home with a lot of new ones. I built my own six-pack but most of those I have tried already and liked so I get one if I have room. It looks like I have tried just about all the singles they have that I am interested in though. I did see a 12 pack that looked interesting. It was made up of 4 different brews from Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland. There was only one that I had tried in the package so I gave two more a test run last night. First up was their "Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale"
I liked this one. It was hoppy, a little more on the grassy side that my preferred but still tasty and refreshing. I will definitely drink this again! I followed it up with a "Snake Dog IPA" which was more to my liking.

I have discovered a lot of my favorite IPAs are heavier on the citrus notes, specifically grapefruit. This one fit the bill!

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