Shortcut Quesadillas

For a fast weeknight or easy weekend meal, we have quesadillas. Sometimes I cook the chicken with some onions in my Pampered Chef baker, and pan fry the quesadillas so they get that crisp outer layer. Sometimes I go the super easy route and zap them in the microwave after stuffing them with pre-cooked fajita style meat. This time was one of those lazy nights!

The Ingredients:
shredded cheese of your choice (I use Colby Jack)
taco sauce
ready to serve fajita meat (or cook your own or raid your leftovers)
flour tortillas
For the kids, spread the cheese over a taco size tortilla. Add meat, taco sauce and a little more cheese to help it all stick together. Place a second tortillas on top.
For the adults, I use the big burrito size tortillas. I put the cheese on half, add the meat, taco sauce and a little more cheese.
Fold over and microwave on each side for about 20 seconds or until cheese is melty and delicious..
I like mine with a little sour cream to dip in.
Clay and Pattie like theirs plain with no meat inside.

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