Menu 5/14 - 5/20--2010

We are going to have a fun and interesting week this week! I am super excited to try out another recipe from my favorite Mother's Day gift, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. My hubby and our oldest are going on a Daddy/son bonding trip this weekend so the other two clones and I are going to have a little fun, dinner-time included. Clay chose our dinners for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Friday--Grilled Cheese and noodle soup (which in clone-speak means Ramen noodles)
Saturday--Fish sticks and mac & cheese (yes, it's from a box!)
Sunday--Chicken with Parmesan noodles
Monday--Pioneer Woman's Chicken Fried Steak (can't find it online so I may have to blog it myself)
Wednesday--RALEY, MY FIRST BABY, TURNS 10!!!!! He wants to go to Posado's (Mexican food).
Thursday--Weeknight Lasagna (I will more than likely blog this!)

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