Menu Monday 9/24/12

Anybody still here? I know it has been much longer than I ever thought it would be since I posted something!! We are moved in and quasi-settled. I have been planning and even following menu plans for a few weeks now and after some rearranging I think I am ready to start posting them again. The biggest change is that I now do my grocery shopping on Monday if possible. I drop the kids at school and go from there. It is much more peaceful and I can take my time without having anyone with me begging for something :)
So with that comes the slight change in the menu titles. I used to just put the range of dates with Menu in front but now I will just call them Menu Monday with that Monday's date. Ihope you still come to see what's for dinner and maybe even try out a few of the things you see!
Monday-- After a weekend full of sick kids, I am going super simple with tuna salad pitas and soup
Tuesday-- Tacos
Wednesday-- Hot Dogs
Thursday-- Pork Roast with sweet potatoes
Friday-- Having friends in for the weekend and I am thinking Lasagna
Saturday-- Friends still here, I think Chicken & Dumplins
Sunday-- More than likely LEFTOVERS or dinner out somewhere

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