Hamburger Salad

**DISCLAIMER** I did not create this recipe because we were on a low carb diet or anything like that. If memory serves, what happened was, I had bought buns but they were moldy when I went to use them. Don't you hate stuff like that?! In any case it turned out to be a happy accident because we really liked the meal and throw it on the menu now and again on purpose.
The Ingredients
1 pound hamburger meat (I have also used ground turkey)
1 pound ground pork
1/2 cup diced onion
3 slices of bacon
Seasoned salt
Worcestershire Sauce
Burger toppings (not pictured)

First things, first, fry up the bacon.

While that works, dice the onion you need diced and cut the rest into slices.

Add the diced onion, beef and pork in a large bowl. Top with seasonings. Use whatever you like for burger patties. When the bacon is done, chop it up and add it too.

Mix it up using your hands.

When it's mixed, pat it all down in the bottom of the bowl.

Make an X with your hands to give you an idea of how many patties you can make. I make 5 since there are 5 of us.

Shape the patties. Try not to make them too thick or they won't get done in the middle before they burn on the outside.

Remember the onion you sliced? Pour off most of the bacon grease and add the onion. Saute over medium heat until translucent.

Now get your plate ready while the patties and onions cook. Pile on your favorite burger toppings. I'll take some spinach, tomato, bourbon mustard, ketchup, miracle whip and pickle please.

Don't forget the cheese!

Patties are done!

And the Coup de Grace...onions. Bon appetit!!
My father-in-law recently let me in on a great secret for hamburger patties. Mix in a pound of ground pork for every pound of ground beef you use. Deelish!!

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  1. Such a FUN idea!!! Definitely trying this one now that grilling season has arrived! Thank you for the clever twist on burgers!


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